Elemental Meditation

When I consider the elements, I feel that Earth would be the one I connect with. The book suggests setting up an area for each element and meditating. I will begin with Earth. Each week I will meditate each day. That following week I will meditate with another element and do the same meditation.

Week One: Earth

I felt a pull. A pull towards the rocks that I held. I purposelly left them unwashed, so that the dirt would help during my meditation. I was surprised at the pull. Out of all the elements, I suspected that Earth would connect with the most. But I didn’t expect to feel or sense anything that quickly.

It was a pull toward the ground, as if something underground was tugging at me. Not in a scary movie sense, but a comforting way. I wanted to hug the Earth its self.

I am curious as to what I will feel with the other elements.

Published by Morgan

I am a mom to three beautiful little girls and wife to an amazing man.

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