Personal Traits to Correct

In the book, the question asked to list Personal Habits we would like to change. Instead, I want to talk of my own toxic traits. Part of this journey is to evaluate my life. If I can honestly look deep within myself, and consciously change what I can for the better, then perhaps I canContinue reading “Personal Traits to Correct”

Why I want to dedicate my life to the Goddess

For years I’ve felt like something was missing. So much has happened in my life in such a short time, and I needed guidance. I needed faith in something. As an adult, I’ve always felt the Goddess. Felt her presence in everything in nature, in the miracle that brought each of my daughters to be.Continue reading “Why I want to dedicate my life to the Goddess”

Celtic Gods and Goddesses

CELTIC GODS & GODDESSES 15 Major Ancient Celtic Gods And Goddesses You Should Know About POSTED BY: DATTATREYA MANDAL JULY 2, 2018 When it comes to the ancient Celts, the scope is not really about a singular group of people who dominated some specific region or realm. Instead, we are talking about a vast andContinue reading “Celtic Gods and Goddesses”

Earth Elementals

  GNOMES: Range from four to twelve inches tall Found in forests Healers and Magicians   DWARVES: Larger than other Otherworlders Ruled by a King Knowledgeable in Metallurgy and gemstones Oral history is passed down through the clan Associated with NORTHERN DIRECTION/QUARTER OF CIRCLE   TROLLS: Come in all sizes Change their form to beContinue reading “Earth Elementals”


If I’m honest, I am a selfish person. I am a selfish Mother, Partner, and Friend. This doesn’t mean I intentionally only think of myself first and foremost. It’s just…I don’t think. I don’t put myself in the shoes of everyone. I struggle with mental illness, and for decades I have trained my mind andContinue reading “Selfishness”

Water Elementals

Undines: Name means “wave” Found in non-ocean waters such as: springs, creeks, rivers, and lakes Leaders name is Niksa/Necksa Scaled with webbed hands and feet Various sizes Can live on land for long periods of time Mer-Folk: Upper body human, lower body fish with large scales Have their own language, but also know the languagesContinue reading “Water Elementals”


The more research I go through, the more I see how large a following of Witches believe and pray to deities from a Pantheon. A Panatheon is a group of Gods and Goddesses in a culture. As I further my education, I will post information on the various Pantheons below.   Greek Gods and GoddesssesContinue reading “Pantheons”